Going beyond the conventions of higher learning institutions, KLIA College provides a unique and distinct system that ensures an enriching experience for students and educators alike. Our roster of trainers consists of experienced industry practitioners dedicated to imparting their experience and knowledge to create industry-ready graduates.

KLIA College aims to meet international standards for education, and oversees twinning programs with other learning institutions within the country and abroad. With such high focus and dedication to bringing students opportunities that can brighten their future, KLIA College is the best place to grow into success.


KLIA College

Students in our college are our top priorty.
We excel in meeting the needs of our students especially in the
delivery of our programmes, campus facilities and student lifestyle.

Subsidiary of
KLIA Premier
Programmes are
certified by KPT, MQA
and JKKP Malaysia
Experienced lecturers
with academic and
industry background
Bright career
mobility in the
Priority in the
application of
Close bond
between college
and industry
and friendly
Opportunities for further
studies at local and international
higher education instututions


  • Muhammad Azhar bin Zulkefle

    Muhammad Azhar bin Zulkefle

    Kelebihan yang saya perolehi sebagai penuntut di KLIA College adalah...
  • Ong Shan

    Ong Shan

    KLIA College has provided quality lecturers. Lecturers have given personalized attention...
  • Muhammad Rafi Bin Mohd Arif

    Muhammad Rafi Bin Mohd Arif

    Assalamualaikum, Kolej KLIA merupakan platform terbaik pada sesiapa yang ingin menceburi...
  • Nur Aina Syafiqah bt Sazali

    Nur Aina Syafiqah bt Sazali

    The syllabus pretty much covered and can be implemented to my current work place...
  • Muhammad Shazwan Hazim Bin Mohd Aznor

    Muhammad Shazwan Hazim Bin Mohd Aznor

    KLIA College membentuk individu bersahsiah dan mampan seiring dengan kehendak industri...
  • Sheikh Ahmad Arif bin Fadhil

    Sheikh Ahmad Arif bin Fadhil

    Great learning environment with industry oriented syllabus. Lecturers are mostly vastly experienced...
  • Eva Elviana Indan

    Eva Elviana Indan

    Kolej KLIA telah membantu saya mencari syarikat untuk latihan industri...
  • Awang Syahmi Bin Awang

    Awang Syahmi Bin Awang

    Take the opportunities with the KLIA COLLEGE! You'll become like us!
  • Mohd Hairie bin Hamzah

    Mohd Hairie bin Hamzah

    Belajar di KLIA College bagi saya memang terbaik dan pilihan tepat dengan tenaga...
  • Muhammad Bin Zainal Abidin

    Muhammad Bin Zainal Abidin

    Alhamdulillah diberikan peluang pekerjaan berbekalkan diploma daripada KLIA College...



    Presiden KLIA Premier Hol­dings Sdn. Bhd., Tan Sri Dr. Ir. Jamilus Hussein berkata, empat kursus tersebut adalah Diploma Kejuruteraan Pembinaan, Dip­loma Pelancongan, Diploma Hospitaliti dan Diploma Lif dan Eskelator.

    Kolej Profesional dan Pengurusan Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur...

    KANGAR, 23 Okt (Bernama) -- Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs) maju setapak lagi apabila menjalinkan...

    KLIA (Kolej KLIA) will be upgraded to become the first construction university


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    About us

    KLIA College is subsidiary of KLIA Premier Holdings Sdn. Bhd. KLIA College offers various management programs for professionals in aviation, business, contruction, and safety and health industries.